About WPCrons

Hello and Welcome to WPCrons, #1 free WordPress resource site for beginners around the globe.

About wpcrons

What do we mean by WPCrons?

Crons – are commands to an operating system or server for a job that is to be executed at a specified time.

WPCrons – are commands to the internet to execute better WordPress for WordPress lovers.

WPCrons is a blog that explores WordPress-related techniques and resources. And like to shares helpful information, useful tips and insights to one who has interest in WordPress.

Our goal is to create a resource that’s thought-provoking, educational and current: In short, a site that’s of interest to WordPress users everywhere.

Addition to that, we also provide various WordPress services, such as
1. WordPress Installation,
2. WordPress Migration,
3. WordPress SEO,
4. WordPress Speed Optimization,
5. WordPress Theme Optimization,
6. WordPress Customization and more to our users by providing Free blog setup.

Run by Iqbal Hussain, a self-proclaimed WordPress enthusiast from Guwahati, Our website, especially is a collaboration between professional creatives, coders and web designers from around the globe, who each contribute a wealth of knowledge and expertise on a range of WordPress-related topics.

We hope you enjoy our site and become an active participant in our community(Comming soon).

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