15 Best OptinMonster Alternatives (Paid + FREE Plugins)

Which are the best cheap OptinMonster alternatives for bloggers to start building an email list? Then I’m sure you are well aware of the importance of email opt-in plugins or WordPress lead generation plugins in today’s blogging & digital marketing industry.

OptinMonster Alternatives

By the way, my top 2 OptinMonster alternatives for bloggers are:

  • Bloom – One payment available. Why choose monthly or yearly payments.
  • WP Subscribe Pro – Light weight and 1 time payment only.

Without any doubt, OptinMonster has been the best email list builder WordPress plugin so far. The major reason behind the same is their killer features which are helping bloggers to increase email subscriber list to massive high.

But time is changing as the demand for such lead generation plugin is increasing due to the popularity of WordPress. and off course the more awareness about increasing subscribers. There are people who are looking for free Optinmonster alternatives to avoid the expenses as well.

As a blogger and digital marketing expert, you should spend money for your online business like buying a good WordPress hosting, an SEO optimised WordPress theme and a professional lead generation plugin etc.

When we talk about the paid lead generation plugin for WordPress, there are a couple of them in the list which will make you confuse for sure. Without any doubt about the OptinMonster popularity, but if you are not happy then these OptinMonster alternatives will bring your smile for sure.

Why We are Looking for OptinMonster Alternatives

Generally we go for some product alternatives for obvious 2 reasons.

  • Price of the product
  • More features in similar price or even less price

So, that means I am writing this article because there are better OptinMonster alternatives at the price point of view and also from a features point of view.

Let’s see what are the options you have, in case you really want to buy an email list building plugin.

List of Best Email List Builder WordPress Plugins – Except OptinMonster

So, here is the 15 opt-in plugins available in the market which I have included in this article as best OptinMonster alternative. This list includes free as well as premium plugins. Generally, almost everyone is offering a free subscription option with limited resources.

Plugin Name Pricing (Free + Paid) Website
Thrive Leads (Recommended) $67 one-time, lifetime updates Check Plugin
ConvertPro (Cheapest) $49 Check Plugin
WP Subscribe Pro $19 [Using MTS Coupon] Check Plugin
Ninja Popups $25 one-time, lifetime updates Check Plugin
Bloom Elegant Themes Club Check Plugin
WP Exit Popup Open Source Check Plugin
Icegram Free/Pro at $9 monthly Check Plugin
Sumo List Builder Free/Pro at $9/year Check Plugin
Popup Maker Free with pro add ons Check Plugin
Optin Monk Free / Pro at $29 per month Check Plugin
MailChimp for WordPress Free / Pro at $10 per month Check Plugin
Yeloni Exit Popup Free Check Plugin
Poptin Free / Pro at $19 per month Check Plugin
Boxzilla Free / Pro at $48 per month Check Plugin
Popup Builder Free / Pro at $31 per year Check Plugin

Why we are so much desperate to find OptinMonster alternatives?

One thing is very clear that OptinMonster has done some serious damage to the email opt-in plugin market, otherwise, we would not be here to find out the list of alternatives.

What I mean to say is, OptinMonster has been evolved as a must to have an email subscriber plugin for WordPress so far and people have seen the success using this plugin. So, without any doubt the features OptinMonster has offered can’t be denied, when the topic is building your email list fast.

But here the problem is with the pricing plans. As new WordPress plugin developers are coming in to picture, who are offering similar features at a cheaper price. That’s the reason, people are looking for OptinMonster alternatives as a free or paid version.

If you are not aware about what are the key features of OptinMonster, then have a look at the highlights of this champion plugin first, before going for the alternatives.

  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Yes / No Forms
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Success Message
  • Canvas
  • Monster Effects
  • Lightbox Popup
  • Fullscreen Mat
  • Slide-in Scroll Box
  • Floating Bar
  • Countdown Timer
  • Sidebar Forms
  • Inline Forms
  • Content Locker
  • Exit-Intent
  • Scroll Trigger
  • MonsterLinks
  • Inactivity Sensor
  • Timed Display Control
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Referrer Detection
  • Page-Level Targeting
  • Create on-site drip
  • OnSite Retargeting
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • Cookie Retargeting
  • Device-Targeting
  • AdBlock Detection
  • List Segmentation
  • Lead Sharing
  • Text Replacement
  • Tracking Scripts
  • Real-Time Behavior
  • A/B Testing
  • Smart Success
  • Conversion Analytics

These are a hell lot of features you actually can do with this OptinMonster plugin. So, do you think competitors will really be able to justify their claim to be as best OptinMonster alternatives?

I’m sure you would come to know about the same when you actually compare Optinmonster with other plugins. At least you should compare OptinMonster vs ConvertPro & OptinMonster Vs Leadpages from Thrive Themes, as they are the real competition according to me.

But if you still love OptinMonster, then remember you can grab the 50% extra discount asking us the latest OptinMonster coupon by sending an email to us at support[at]

Top Competitors of OptinMonster

Although I have listed 15 plugins with which you can start building your email list either free or paid. But if you ask me whether someone can really challenge OptinMonster’s market share?

Then I would say, right now there are 2 plugins available in the market who are a serious threat for OptinMonster as they are very good when we talk about the pricing & the features.

Thrive Leads (#1 OptinMonster Alternatives)

Thrive-Leads OptinMonster Alternatives

Another alternative of OptinMonster is Thrive Leads has spent quite some time in the market and without any doubt has able to build its own reputation for a specific customers.

Again, this plugin is having almost every features of OptinMonster except few like cross-platform compatibility, referral source optin forms, and popup scheduling.

But the pricing is an X factor for this plugin again as you can grab Thrive Lead’s by paying one-time fee of $67 only. You can save more for multiple sites purchase.

ConvertPro (#2 OptinMonster Alternatives)

Convertpro OptinMonster Alternatives

ConvertPro, formaly known as ConvertPlug has hit the market very recently and they have shaken the market like anything. This is one of the most affordable email list builder WordPress plugin in the market with hell lot of features which are actually required for every marketers and bloggers.

Their drag & drop editor to create your email campaign has been proved as the killer feature for this plugin. As this will give the user the ultimate freedom to design their email campaign, opt-in forms etc as per their own need.

Not only that, one can get this plugin just paying $49 per year for 1 website. This is simply awesome, as bloggers hate that recurring payment and just want to buy any plugin at the cheapest price.

You can enjoy all the killer features of ConvertPro like well-designed premade templates, a wide range of triggers, the ability to split test, several possible integrations and the transparent inbuilt analytics, just paying the one-time fee of $49.

Just monthly $4 for an email list building plugin is simply awesome. If you want to renew after one year for further support, you will get a 20% off renewal discount as well.

Best Free OptinMonster Alternatives

If you are not at all interested to spend money for email list builder plugins in 2018, then don’t worry as there are couple of free email opt-in WordPress plugins available in market who are really good to start with.

Here are the few of the free OptinMonster alternatives I would like to recommend.

#1 Sumo – The best Website Traffic Tool

Sumome is a very good free option for email list building. They are offering some basic but must have features like email subscription popup, floating bar, floating popup etc.

Earlier they also provided welcome mat as free, which is included in paid plans only. You can’t expect anything more in a free plan what SumoMe is giving you. My #1 free OptinMonster alternative without any doubt.

#2 Yeloni – Get free exit intent popup for WordPress

This is one of the cool freemium WordPress plugin where you will get options to use for free. Off course they have paid plans as well. But with their KICK STARTER plan is good for beginners to start with.

Exit intent is a killer feature specially for affiliate marketers and when you are able to get the same for free then why to avoid it. At least we can give it a try as a beginner. This is also another good OptinMonster alternative you can try for free.

#3 Poptin – Free Lead Capture Platform

This is another good free plugin with which you will start building your email list. You will get a limitation of 1000 views in the free plan which is not bad I think. You can create unlimited plugins without paying anything.

#4 Boxzilla – Free Lead Capture Platform

Boxzilla is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create boxes which can pop-up or slide-in at any time and screen position you want.

Boxes can contain any content you like, like a MailChimp sign-up form, social sharing buttons or advanced integrations with other WordPress plugins.

#5 Popup BuilderResponsive Pop up, Subscription & Newsletter

Pop up anything with Popup Builder, create and manage powerful promotion modal popups for your WordPress blog or website.

Powerful, and yet, easy to use this plugin that will help you to grab your visitors’ attention to introduce them your offers, discounts or other kind of promotional notices.

Let’s conclude this discussion of OptinMonster Alternatives

Well, without any doubt OptinMonster is the best email list building plugin so far and I am sure they will be in the list. But right now ConvertPro & Thrive Leads is giving them a tough competition to OptinMonster.

It is good for this market as we can see some killer features to come with a competitive pricing as well. Now you have to decide with who you want to start your email list building campaign as without any doubt I am sure that below 3 plugins will dominate the market of email list building WordPress plugin.

  • Bloom – One payment available. Why choose monthly or yearly payments.
  • WP Subscribe Pro – Light weight and 1 time payment only.
  • Poptin – Just an script to your site. Or choose the plugin.

Hope you find this article useful. Which one is the best OptinMonster alternative as per your experience? Feel free to share your comment and also share this article in social media to help others.

You can follow us on social media and don’t forget to Subscribe to our mail list.

Thanks for reading 15 Best OptinMonster Alternatives (Paid + FREE Plugins). Have a great day.

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