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Drupal vs WordPress – Pros and Cons Explained 2019

Drupal and WordPress are the main global leaders in terms of content management systems (CMS). Having both seen the light of day in the early 2000’s, these two giants have been able to successfully meet and manage the…

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WordPress Plugin vs WordPress Theme – Explained

WordPress Plugin vs WordPress Theme

WordPress Plugin vs WordPress Theme. Which is better for my blog? That is the question! A notable confusion persists among WordPress users when it comes time to bring new functionality or an improvement of the visual appearance of…

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Tips to speed up your WordPress Blog – Explained – 2019

tips to speed up your WordPress Blog

Before talking about improving WordPress blog, we have a small question to ask you: do you know the impact of the loading time of your pages on your customers or potential customers? if not then you are in…

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Tips for choosing themes for WordPress

Tips for choosing themes for WordPress

Running your own website or blog becomes more popular. More and more companies are moving online and discovering e-Commerce. Popular becomes profession webmasters. However, to develop sites at a basic level, can be anyone, rather I would say…

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Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 – Explained with Images

WordPress has long grown from just a blog platform, at the moment you can make a site of any level without spending a penny. An example of this can be free themes for WordPress. All you need is…

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WordPress Writing Settings With SEO Tips

Wordpress general setting with seo tips

In this article, we will study about WordPress Writing Settings. Using the WordPress writing settings you can set the basic configuration settings for your WordPress site’s article writing interface architecture. Such as Default Post Category, Default Post Format, Post via email…

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WordPress Dashboard Explained With Images

Wordpress Dasboard explained with images

The WordPress Dashboard is a first screen which will be seen whenever you log into the administration area. WordPress Dashboard displays the overview of your website. It is the main navigation system/collection of gadgets of your administration area…

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