How to Download old Version WordPress Plugin?

When you update to the latest version of the plug-in, you may find that the new version of the increased functionality is not suitable for yourself, or have compatibility problems with the theme, want to restore to the previous version, but you don’t have the backup of the old version of such plugins, or in the official website of such WordPress plugins you did not find the old version too. This Type of situation can make havoc you.

Download old Version WordPress Plugin

Actually, you do not need to worry, because the WordPress official website has provided us with the old version of the plug-in download address, but not directly.

Open the plugin download page with the link below…

Change the wp-postviews in the link to the name of the plugin you’re looking for.

After entering the WordPress official website plug-in download page, and then click on the “Developers” button, enter the “developer” page, you will see the other version of the plug-in download link, as shown in Figure:

Download old Version WordPress Plugin 2

This includes all the previous versions of the plug-in, you can choose to download after WP background installation plug-in can be uploaded.

Hope this article will be helpful for you. Let us know in the comments below if you find any difficulty understand your WordPress dashboard.

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How to Download old Version WordPress Plugin?

by WPC Staff