32 steps to WordPress website security ultimate checklist: Step 1 ~ 5

WordPress website security ultimate checklist Step 1 ~ 5

5 / 5 ( 5 votes ) Website security is an important issue that many new WordPress users can easily ignore. How to ensure WordPress site security is also a difficult problem faced by many users who have…

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WordPress Compressed Emoji to speed up Emoji loading

WordPress Compressed Emoji

4.8 / 5 ( 6 votes ) WordPress emoji, stored in server, but the emoticons are not compressed, and domestic users access the server is slow. Turkey’s developer Mustafa Uysal recently released a Compressed Emoji plug-in that…

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10 Tips To Streamline WordPress Dashboard

10 Tips To Streamline WordPress Dashboard

4.9 / 5 ( 11 votes ) Sometimes WordPress website opens too slow problem, recently complained by many WordPress users. We wrote a few articles in a timely manner, you can give your WordPress site a substantial speed….

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Rename any uploaded file in WordPress automatically

Rename any uploaded file in wordpress automatically thumb

5 / 5 ( 4 votes ) WordPress is a very powerful blog program, we can use WordPress also build a variety of different sites, CMS, blog, etc. Recently our team built a CMS with WordPress. But every…

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How to use Fa Comment Rating to add a five-star rating feature

comment rating wordpress

5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Do you want to display comment rating on your WordPress comment section? Recently one of our readers wanted to do this. So, In this article, we will show you How to…

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How to Download old Version WordPress Plugin?

download old vertion wordpress plugin

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) When you update to the latest version of the plug-in, you may find that the new version of the increased functionality is not suitable for yourself, or have compatibility problems with…

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How To Resize Gravatar Image In WordPress

How to resize gravatar in wordpress

5 / 5 ( 5 votes ) Is your Gravatar image is looking blurry and small? Then you just need to resize Gravatar image before it leaves a bad impression on your users. Hi Guys, I am Iqbal….

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How To Install WordPress Manually – Step by Step guide 2019

How to install Wordpress

5 / 5 ( 21 votes ) To install WordPress manually you should know WordPress well, If not then you should read What is WordPress and What are the benefits of using WordPress? WordPress is the most widely…

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