WordPress Compressed Emoji to speed up Emoji loading

WordPress emoji, stored in server, but the emoticons are not compressed, and domestic users access the server is slow. Turkey’s developer Mustafa Uysal recently released a Compressed Emoji plug-in that stores The Emoji plug-in on your server, reducing the emoji’s load time by 60%.

WordPress Compressed Emoji

Compressed Emoji plugin uses WordPress 4. 6 a new emoji_svg_url filter (filter), this filter allows developers to modify emoji SVG image storage address.

After activating the plugin, the size of each emoticon is reduced by about 60% (from 3kb to 1.5KB). 3kb), the loading time is also reduced by about 60%, click on the diagram to view the big picture:

WordPress Compressed Emoji

Plugin developer Mustafa Uysal ever wanted website considering future compressed emoji. The compression of the expression symbol will increase the speed of website access slightly. 4 months ago, there were users in WordPress development tracking system (Trac) above submit ticket (ticket), hoping to cache The emoji file header and compression. The WordPress development team implemented the cache header but did not perform the emoji compression.

Gary Pendergast (Gary is a WordPress, web and music geek who writes poetry with Automattic) says, ” the current plan is to transfer everything to a new CDN. The current CDN system is somewhat outdated, for example, it does not support HTTP/2. The development team needs to test more content. However, the need for emoji compression has a high priority on the task list.”

So, WordPress Chinese users who like to use Emoji, we recommend you to use this Compressed Emoji plugin. Although compressed emojis can only save a little bit of time, after all access is too slow. Might as well put you directly on your own server.

The Compressed Emoji plugin is very simple to use and there is no option to set it. You can directly download, install, enable it.

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